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How to Prepare Your Las Vegas Rental Property for Move In

Las Vegas is full of things to do, and that attracts a lot of adventurous tourists to the city every year. If you’ve considered investing in rental properties, Las Vegas is a fabulous location to choose. Here’s how to get a Vegas rental property ready for its tenants.


Find some tenants


The first step is finding a tenant. Once you post on a website or social media platform, find a tenant, and screen and verify their information, you are ready to prepare your rental for their move in date. Make sure you check with them on the date that they can move in. Then, you want to let them know what date is best for you. Take into consideration how long it takes to fully prepare your rental space.


Hire a good cleaning service


Make sure the apartment is clean, because even if your tenants just need a place to sleep after their nights on the Vegas strip, they won’t stay long if the place is dirty.


A deep clean can take a whole day. One tip is to hire a highly rated cleaning service to do the work first. Then, you want to check their work and go back and clean more yourself. Make sure the walls look perfect and that there is fresh paint. Also, be sure that anything making the space look dated is cleaned to perfection. A clean apartment will outweigh any defaults in the space.


Having the space look clean will make the tenants feel welcomed and ready for move in. Don’t neglect this step, because it can really determine whether they have a positive or negative move in experience.


Make sure appliances, pipes, heat, and air conditioning are ready to go


Nobody wants to move into a new apartment, just to realize that their dish washer doesn’t work. You want to check each and every appliance in the space before the move in date. You’ll want to find some businesses that specialize in drain cleaning in Las Vegas. This is especially a good idea in Las Vegas, because often times rentals get used by so many people that the drains get dirty and clogged. So be proactive about drain cleaning instead of waiting until it’s too late.


You also want to make sure the heating and air conditioning in the unit are working well. It’s better to fix these now rather than wait until you have a tenant without air conditioning on a sweltering day. Taking care of these things before the move in reduces your stress levels and the amount of work you will have to do later.


Record and fix all defects in the apartment (and keep tenants updated)


Having a positive relationship with your renters is important. If there is a defect in the apartment, such as a faulty door hinge or a crack in the wall, let them know. Make sure they are aware that they won’t be held responsible for damage already present in the living space. This way they won’t feel that they are going to be charged at move out for damage they didn’t create.


This also means that they will be more likely to take responsibility for any damage that they do create; being honest and polite with your tenant makes them more likely to do the same. With that said, think about how you can be hospitable before they move in. Maybe offer to help or send a friendly email with instructions/tips on move in day. Either way, everyone knows the renting horror stories on both sides, so try to avoid that at all costs!

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