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The real estate segment of Hyderabad has been quite fruitful and has given high returns on investments to the investors. Serviced or furnished apartments are a new addition in the varied realty segment of Hyderabad, which have gained positive response from the buyers and is reaping benefits. The growing influx of foreigners and people from other cities to Hyderabad has generated a growth in demand for furnished apartments.

This led to an increase in the supply of such specialized structures. The furnished apartments are looked upon as ideal for those who make regular short trips the city. This is an adaptation from the European style of residing and is ideal for those who will be in town for a period of one week or so.

Furnished Apartments For Rent

Therefore, the cost of stay is not as onerous as staying in the hotels, and offers the guests to make use of amenities for daily use and facilities offered with these apartments, such as modern cooking facilities, television, Internet access, and other luxury features like European-style gourmet kitchens, closet spaces, washing machines, tiled bathrooms, Jacuzzi, and many others.

The birth of several companies dedicated exclusively to the leasing of furnished apartments and diversification of services established around them, realizing business growth that has occurred in the recent years. There are a number of companies which take these types of apartments on lease to make their executives and guests stay for a longer periods.

 There has been growing section of people who are willing to buy such Apartments in Hyderabad. The growth is directly related to the business activities, which include staying of business executives, health tourism and traditional tourism. Companies increasingly bring foreign executives and their stays in hotels for longer periods often cost high.

This is the main reason why businesses are more interested to buy serviced and furnished apartments so that their guests can stay for several weeks or months and at much lower costs, compared to a hotel. In general, buyers look for ready to move furnished apartments so that they can start making use of in the least possible time, the reason could be anything, whether for personal use, professional or business use. Most of the buyers give these apartments on rent.

 Suppose the rental value of the apartment is 10 thousands per month, by adding furniture and some leisure items, the rental value may reach up to 20 thousands, making it ideal for the professionals to take these apartments on lease. One can also invest in a 1 BHK flat in Kidnaper, Hyderabad, and furnish as per the consumers requirement.

 Such properties can be searched independently, or by taking services of a real estate agency or broker, or through classifieds. The benefits of taking the apartments on lease through specialized companies lies in the guarantee, payment and accountability in all the terms and conditions of the contract. Therefore, for those who are willing to invest in the real estate segment of Hyderabad, it is always in the best of interest to enter the deal with the help of a reputed agent. To earn more on the investment, the buyers can furnish the properties in a way that it attracts more and more customers to take it on rent. The furnished apartments in Hyderabad have created a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers. These types of apartments are profitable for the owner and offer the best choice for a guest who is seeking long term stays and is willing to look for some recreational activities.

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