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Becoming a Building Surveyor: 5 Must Have Skills

As a building surveyor, you will be a very important part of any construction project. You will be providing professional advice on just about every conceivable factor that can affect an existing building. You will have to be able to identify building defects and make recommendations for ways to correct the problems. You may also have to advise clients on renovations and building additions.

 To do the job effectively, you will have to have a particular skill set. Some skills you can learn in school and others are character and personality traits that are more difficult to teach. On this page we are going to take a closer look at 5 must-have skills for becoming a building surveyor?

Building Surveyor

1 Analytical and Problem Solving Skills No construction project ever gets completed without a few problems popping up. You will have to be good at dealing with unforeseen problems and coming up with creative, yet effective, ways to deal with any issues that arise. Analytical skills are also very important. As a building surveyor you will have to read and even prepare plans and you will have to manage budgets among other things. These and other tasks require strong analytical skills.

  1. People Skills as a building surveyor you will also need to have good people skills. You will need to know how to communicate with people because you will be talking to clients to figure out what they need and how you can deliver that for them. You will also be talking to construction workers and you will have to make sure that they know exactly what you expect of them.

 Other people skills like being able to negotiate and being able to give a presentation are also very important. You need to present your ideas in a clear way that is easy for your clients to understand and you’ll have to be able to negotiate a deal that is fair for all of the party’s involved.

  1. The Ability to Plan and Prioritize In a construction project, a lot of things need to get done but not everything can get done at exactly the same time. You will have to be able to determine which items are most important and make a plan to get everything done in the most efficient way.
  1. Leadership Skill sit will be your job to make sure that a construction project runs as smoothly as possible. You will need to make sure that all of your subcontractors know what they are supposed to be doing and you will have to make sure that they get their jobs done. You will have a team of people working on your project and it’s important to know how to lead that team.
  1. Decision Making Skill son a construction job you will have a lot of decisions to make and you won’t always have a lot of time to make them. Time is money and you cannot waste time being indecisive. You have to be able to quickly analyze your options, make a decision, and move forward.

 The 5 skills mentioned above really are must have skills for becoming a building surveyor. Of course there are a number of other skills you’ll have to have as well, but many other skills can be taught in school. In addition to the skills and personal attributes mentioned above, a building surveyor will have to have a comprehensive knowledge of things like building regulations, planning legislation, health and safety issues etc.

You will have to be able to read and interpret architectural plans and other data. And you will also have to be competent with current surveying technologies such as CAD and IT programs. These other skills can be taught in school and if you would like to become a building surveyor it would be best to attend a school that is accredited by the Association of Building Engineers, the Chartered Institute of Building, or the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

 It is also possible to become a building surveyor if you have a degree in a related field and then you take an accredited conversion course to meet the necessary qualifications. Author Bio – This article is written by Paul Nesbitt from Harvey Donaldson & Gibson (HDG), one of the largest residential surveying practices in Scotland. If you’re looking to put up your home for sale and want to know in-depth about home reports do get in touch with HDG today. Also if you’re searching for details on becoming a building surveyor, do visit the HDG website today.

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