Above Ground Pool Prices vs. in ground Pool Prices and Pros & Cons

In ground pools are currently very expensive. It may cost you about $25000 to $60000 for the initial installation. Furthermore, you also need to spend some amount of money on the maintenance of the pool. If you go to buy a typical in-ground pool kit, it will cost you around 8000 to $12000, plus $2k more for additional accessories such as filter and pump, pool cleaner, chlorinator, lights etc.

If you don’t want a pool that is deep enough to jump into, you don’t need to invest in a slide for the children. It’s definitely an ecumenical option to get an above-ground pool instead. A good above ground pool is available in $600 to $1000, and its price may differ extensively from choice to choice.

Ground Pool Prices vs. in ground Pool Prices and Pros & Cons

For your knowledge, below are abstracts of the pros and cons of both the above ground pool and the in ground pool.Inground Pool – Pros: Improves the worth of your house if you ever wish to sell it Appears far better (more luxurious) compared to above ground pool More robust and so remains for extended period of time than the above ground pool Normally larger and deeper compared to above ground pools, and has both a deep and a shallow end rather than uniform depth around Easy to customizeInground Pool – Cons: Quite costly – even though you choose an inground swimming pool kit Takes more time to install and higher labor expenses Not portable – You cannot bring it with you whenever you go The maintenance cost is high Above Ground Pool – Pros: Normally very less expensive compared to the in-ground pool Easy to fit (you can set up by yourself, or hire an individual to get it done for much less as opposed to an in-ground pool)Less maintenance costs compared to the in ground pool Portable – you can take it with you whenever you go Available in variety of sizes, designs, and colors Above Ground Pool – Cons: Can’t support slides It is shallow to dive into Depth is uniform all over the pool Generally not as strong as the in ground pool, and does not last for a long time It’s not as luxurious as the in ground pool These points will help make a choice when you consider getting a pool. There are several companies, which provide a custom ground pool too.

A sad part of getting a pool is a high installation and maintenance cost. Even so, don’t overlook the purposes why you wanted to get a pool initially. Having your own pool is definitely a fun not only for your children, but also for you and your partner, and even for your parents.

On the other hand, swimming is really a good way to maintain a good health and is the gentle form of exercise for both kids and seniors. If you ever choose to sell your home, having an in ground pool outside the house means you will get a good value.

So, by getting an in ground pool, you’re investing in the value of your property. Author Bio: Harry James is a blog enthusiast and passionate about writing creatively in the fun, entertainment and relaxation industry, also likes to share his ideas through writing on behalf of Leisure Industries- supplier of quality in ground pools Toronto.

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