8 Awesome Home Trends in 2013

Each year there are popular trends in home decorating and design. While some trends come and go, some are designed in response to cultural preferences or technological changes, such as wireless TVs and Internet access allowing for the ability to move electronics to non-customary places. Below are some of the awesome home trends that have popped up in 2013.Outdoor Living Areas Outdoor living areas are proving popular in backyards across the nation.

An outdoor living area could be a large outdoor patio, an outdoor kitchen, or a semi-enclosed porch. Many homeowners are also adding gardens with welcoming seating areas and planting trees to relax under on warm summer days. Multifunctional Rooms With more people working from home and the trend of “staycations” growing in popularity there is a greater need for multifunctional rooms.

Awesome Home Trends

 This could be a room that is used for both casual dining and working on art projects, and may have built-in storage for all of your arts and crafts supplies. It could also be a guest bedroom that doubles as a home office when there are no visitors in town. Creative Storage Options With families getting larger and square footage remaining the same, finding creative storage solutions has become vital for American families.

This could be done by building a closet, shelves, or drawers under the unused space under your staircase. Homeowners are also looking for furniture (like an ottoman or bench with a hinged top) that has hidden storage compartments. Energy Efficiency Increasing energy efficiency is a big trend and many energies efficient home solutions are being designed in stylish alternatives.

 This could be anything from a decorative desk accessory that doubles as a solar electronics charger to washing machines that use less water. Kitchen and household appliances are also being designed in energy efficient yet stylish options. Bold Neutrals Neutral colors are always a popular choice when decorating, but sometimes they can feel a bit plain. By turning to the popular trend of bold neutrals you can add a bit more interest to your home and accessories.

Choose these colors for your walls or your accent pieces like vases or throw pillows. Electronic Savvy Not only can you move your wireless devices easily throughout your home, you can add speaker systems and docking stations in each room to play your music on your electronic devices. You can even manage your home’s security, lighting, and electronics from your electronic devices—even when you are not home. Handcrafted Accents Adding handcrafted home accents is another popular trend.

 Buying handcrafted art will support your local economy and add unique pieces to your home. You can even commission an artist to create a custom piece for you.UpcycledWhether you are a fan of DIY projects or are looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint you can add upcycled elements to your home.

This could mean finding repurposed furniture or adding cabinets and wood floors made from wood that was removed from another home. Many upcycled pieces would never be identifiable as used unless you pointed it out.

Many of the home trends above will create visual appeal and make your home more functional and efficient. You can use these ideas to personalize and customize your living space. This article was written by Billy Dunham, a home improvement expert who hopes to help you have an even better home.

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