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4 Design Tips for Boring Walls

The spaces that we live and work in affect us in all sorts of ways — including some that we might not even realize. How functional, comfortable, and beautiful our spaces are can have an impact on our subconscious and affect our mental health. So it pays to care about interior design, which is why most of us make at least some effort to keep our spaces well-organized and looking good — even if it sometimes feels like a losing battle.

One frustrating issue to have in your space is “boring wall” syndrome. You know the wall we’re talking about. The boring wall is the area that has too little going on. Maybe it’s an empty space above low furniture, the kind of empty space that doesn’t feel roomy and intentional — the kind that just feels dull. Or maybe you do have art hanging on your wall, but it’s the sort of bland and familiar stuff that is on everyone else’s walls, and you wish you could break out of that familiarity.

We’re here with four design tips that you can use to transform your boring wall into something bolder and more beautiful.

Add texture with canvas prints

A personal photograph or a tasteful art print can be a wonderful addition to any wall. But if you’re not creative with your mediums, you’re going to end up with a boring line of framed glossy photos. No thanks!

Add depth. Add texture. Add dignity. In other words, add a custom canvas print. Thanks to modern printing techniques, it’s super affordable to get your favorite vacation snapshot, Instagram post, or family portrait printed on canvas.

Rolled canvas prints will add a new texture and dimension to your wall art. It will let you personalize and customize your space while also making everything feel more intentional, classy, and well-decorated. It’s the best of both worlds.

Play with paint

Minimalist white walls are always nice choices, but boring spots can certainly be pepped up a bit with a splash of color. Consider painting a wall panel, the entire wall, or even the whole room with a more exciting hue. Or use painter’s tape and stencils to create contrasting color designs and patterns.

Wallpaper and temporary wallpaper are among your other options for changing the color of a wall without adding any three-dimensional wall hangings or decor at all. Play with color and with your wall itself.

Use fabric wall hangings

Forget flat and boring art. Get real texture and a new feel for your space by investing in a nice quilt, tapestry, or other fabric wall hanging. Your window dressings are a great place to start, but don’t be afraid to hang standalone fabric pieces as art.

Fabric wall hangings are also a great place to get a different style of art into your space. A Southwestern blanket will have a very different vibe than an Amish quilt, so think about all of the different directions that you could take with fabrics!

Create functional space with shelving

When you have a crowded room and a blank wall, it’s easy to wish that you had that empty space on your floor instead. You can’t make that trade, but you can turn your wall space into useful storage and display space! Invest in shelves, shadowboxes, and other display and storage installations for that space. You’ll expand your decor options to include freestanding collectibles and other items, and you’ll gain a place to stash books, board games, and more. From over the TV to high on the wall, you have so many places to add floating shelves.

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